A Typical Morning

9.00am Welcome! Put your lunchbox on the trolley if you are staying for lunch. Take your apple name from the board and put it on the tree to let us know you have arrived. Hang up your coat on your name peg. Place your snack in the basket. Make sure whoever has dropped you off has signed you in!

9.15am The register is taken. Carpet time - we might sing some songs, do show and tell, hear about your home news or just have a group chat.

9.30am What will you do today?  You decide!  Maybe you’d like to play outside in the wendy house or maybe you’d rather do some painting.  There are so many things to choose from!

10.00am Snack time! Come and choose something to eat from the snack corner.  Or maybe you’d just like to have a drink.

10.20am More time to play! What about the Mud kitchen? Or some role play in the home corner? Or building blocks? Or dinosaurs? Or we might do a craft activity. You will never be bored at Pre-School!

11.45am Sit quietly on the carpet for story time.

12.00pm Home time…unless you’re staying for lunch!